Every year, HVAC systems become more efficient, and thermostat technology becomes smarter. Learn about the features you can enjoy with a smart thermostat, and the improved quality of indoor comfort you can now have through the customization this technology enables.

What Qualifies As A Smart Thermostat?

Several steps above your standard thermostat, a smart thermostat offers the power of Wi-Fi at your fingertips. Wireless capability means you can program the temperature in your home remotely. You don’t have to move a knob or mess with the controls on your wall. Smart technology enables you to automatically adjust temperatures in your home via apps on your smartphone, and what’s more, you can program different temperatures for varying times of day, and for different areas of your home. You have complete climate control of your entire home, whether you’re there in person, or you’re away on vacation.

They Can Integrate With Smart-home Platforms

The beauty of smart thermostats is that they can communicate with your home platforms, including your laptop computers, smartphones, and tablets. This technology actually lets you control numerous systems in your home, which means you can use your smartphone, for example, to check and adjust temperatures throughout your home as well as turn lights on and off, check security cameras, and set alarm systems. This flexibility makes smart thermostats very attractive to anyone interested in remote home control systems. You don’t have to get up and walk to a particular location to set temperatures; you can do it from anywhere in your home or outside of your home through your smart device.

Intuitive Technology

Many smart thermostats start to learn your patterns and remember them, making this an intuitive type of technology. After a while, you can forget about it; your thermostat sets itself to the patterns it’s observed. Of course, you can always change the settings and override these established patterns to something new. But having intuitive technology in place means you don’t have to spend as much time fiddling with the controls in your house.

You Can Get Important Alerts

If you live somewhere that gets so cold that pipes can freeze, you’ll be happy to know that if you happen to be away when a sudden cold spell comes around, your thermostat will alert you, giving you time to send someone over to cover exposed pipes, if needed. Or say you’re away on vacation, but you’ve left pets at home. If temperatures get to levels that are uncomfortable for them, you’ll receive an alert. You can then access your home’s climate control system through your smart device and make the necessary corrections to keep your animal pals comfortable. Alerts from a smart thermostat can be incredibly helpful in a wide range of scenarios.

Access Energy Reports

If you’re wondering how much energy you’re consuming on any given day, week, or month, your smart thermostat can tell you. These informative reports let you adjust your energy usage for more responsible energy consumption plus savings on your energy bills.

We Can Help You With Thermostat Repairs And Replacements

HVAC repairs may include thermostat replacements. If you’re looking into replacing your thermostat, be sure to ask R&R Heating And Cooling about the smart technology that’s available today. If you’re interested in specific features in your new thermostat, let our HVAC technicians know. We can share with you what models are available and what prices you can expect.

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