After our winter rains, spring is a time of renewal. It’s no wonder that even here in Southern California, people take the opportunity to do a little spring cleaning starting in March. These months between winter and summer offer the chance to do some deep-cleaning and take care of household chores that we normally do only on an occasional basis.

When you do your spring cleaning this year (and every year, for that matter), be sure to take a moment to take care of any HVAC maintenance and repair tasks that need your attention, or have an HVAC professional service your heating and cooling equipment for you.

As a courtesy, we’re providing a list of suggestions to help you better manage what needs to be done around your home this year. When you’re ready to begin your spring-cleaning tasks, review our list. Not everything may apply, but we hope this collection of ideas will help you track and complete the cleaning you need to do.

Clean Your Baseboards

These often get overlooked, and over time they get coated in dust and covered in scuff marks. Throughout your home, go ahead and dust your baseboards. If the layer of accumulated dirt is too thick, you may need to clean baseboards using a soft cloth and mild cleaner that won’t strip the paint off.

Once you’ve done your best to clean them, check the quality of the paint job. If it’s been several years since they were painted, and scuff marks or scratches just won’t come clean, it might be time to give them a fresh new coat of paint.

Get Rid Of Cobwebs

We don’t often look up at the edges and corners where the ceilings and walls meet, but these are the places where cobwebs form. Take some time to walk through your entire house with a duster to remove all the cobwebs that have formed in high places. You may need to bring a stepladder with you, especially if you have any high ceilings in your home.

Wash Window Blinds

Like anything in your home, window blinds and other window dressings accumulate dust. If you keep your windows open much of the time, your blinds will likely collect dirt from the outside, too. It’s a good idea to dust your blinds several times a year (such as, once a month), but in addition, you may need to wash them with a mild cleaner during the spring to get rid of accumulated dirt.

Clean Your Windows And Light Fixtures

Windows need a thorough cleaning at least annually, and spring is a great time to take care of this (or hire someone to do it for you). In addition, go ahead and clean your light fixtures. They get dirty, too, and once you’ve cleaned them to restore their original look, you’ll probably notice that your rooms are brighter and cheerier now when you turn the lights on!

Wash All The Air Vents

Heated and cooled air travels into the various rooms of your home through vents. Your whole family breathes this air, so it’s vital that you thoroughly wash your vents every spring (at the very least) to get rid of not only dirt, but any organisms that may have grown on or particles that have drifted into your vents. This will not only create improved air flow so that your heating and air conditioning systems don’t have to work so hard to keep everyone inside comfortable, but also will lead to cleaner, purer air for your family to breathe.

Change Your Air And Furnace Filters

Speaking of HVAC maintenance, spring is a great time to remember to change your air conditioning and furnace filters. Doing this can actually keep your HVAC equipment working better and prevent air conditioning or furnace repairs that would not have been needed had the filters been changed in a timely manner.

Of course, changing your filters just during the spring is not enough. To keep your AC and heating systems in tip-top shape, change your filters every three to four months. You may want to consider hiring an HVAC maintenance company to schedule and handle this for you, since homeowners don’t always remember to do this task on a regular basis. Changing your filters regularly is important for the efficient operation of your system and for the lung health of all your family members.

Clean The Refrigerator And Oven

Our kitchens sure get a lot of use, don’t they? Take the time this spring to deep clean your refrigerator, freezer, oven, and stovetop, inside and out. While you’re at it, give your microwave oven a good cleaning, too.

Organize Kitchen Drawers

Over time, kitchen drawers and cupboards accumulate all kinds of junk you don’t really need. What’s more, your once tidy drawers become a Bermuda Triangle of sorts, with the task of finding and retrieving the kitchen tool you need now becoming more and more difficult to perform. Take the time this spring to dig into your kitchen cupboards and drawers to throw out what you no longer need and reorganize the rest for easier access.

Reseal Doors And Caulk Around Windows

Do you feel those spring breezes entering your home through cracks around your windows and doors? This means your home is very energy inefficient, and your utility bills probably reflect this. To save on your monthly heating and cooling bills and keep those spring breezes outside where they belong, recaulk the areas of your windows where the glass meets the frame, and reseal your doors.

Organize Your Closet

Have your closets become catch-all spaces? Do you hurriedly throw stuff in when guests come over and then forget about what’s been piling up in your closet spaces? If so, take the opportunity to do some spring cleaning of your closets! Discard what you don’t need and organize the rest so that you can find things more quickly and easily.

Power Wash Your Deck

Do you enjoy spending time outside on your deck? Take a moment to improve its appearance and also protect its integrity. Power wash your deck to get it ultra clean so it can serve you and your family better. After a power wash, consider resealing your deck (or having a home maintenance services provider take care of it for you) to restore its beauty and prolong its life.

Clean Out Your Garage

Like your closet spaces, your garage probably accumulates a great quantity of odds and ends throughout the year. Put a stop to this every spring by thoroughly going through what’s in your garage, discarding what you don’t need, and organizing the rest.

And Don’t Forget Other HVAC Tasks

Spring is the ideal time to take care of any HVAC maintenance and repair jobs that your equipment may need. We recommend that you make an appointment with a qualified heating and air conditioning services provider to inspect your HVAC system and take care of any small maintenance tasks that can prolong the life of your equipment.

Here in Southern California, R&R Heating And Cooling is available to take care of all your HVAC repair and maintenance needs, from changing filters to completing new AC installations to get you ready for the hotter months of the year. For reliable service and repair, call R&R today!