Your indoor air quality is extremely important to the health and wellbeing of everyone in your family, from the youngest to the oldest, and also your pets. With good air quality, your family can breathe easily, knowing that germs and mold aren’t circulating around your house, spread through your heating and air conditioning system. Here are simple ways to improve your home’s air quality to enjoy a higher level of wellness.

Make Sure No One Smokes Inside

Smoke is a pollutant that not only leaves your home smelling foul, but also degrades the quality of the air. Especially if you have children, elderly individuals, or anybody with chronic lung issues in the house, don’t smoke. If you have to, take it outside. Treat your home like a sanctuary; if you take care of it, it will take care of you. Clean indoor air is important for the health of everyone you love.

Have Good Ventilation

When air gets trapped inside, any impurities found in that air also stay indoors. To eliminate viruses, bacteria, dirt particles, mold, and any allergens that are floating around in your home, make sure every room in your house has good ventilation. When the weather allows it, open your windows (even a crack) to let air flow through. Removing any stagnant air will refresh your indoor air and help everyone breathe easily.

Use Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

Not all cleaning products are the same. Some contain harsh chemicals that are toxic to the skin and lungs. Opt for eco-friendly cleaning products made from gentler ingredients that won’t hurt you when you come into contact with these cleaners.

Keep Floors, Carpets, And Furniture Clean

It’s hard to grasp just how much dust and impurities our floors and furniture pieces accumulate over time. Carpets are soft and comfortable, but they trap large quantities of dirt particles that get kicked up into the air every time we walk across them. Vacuum and wash all your floors regularly, and at least once a year, try to schedule a professional cleaning of your carpets and sofas. In terms of bedding, change and wash your sheets regularly. Keeping your home clean translates into cleaner indoor air for everyone to enjoy.

Clean Your HVAC System

Whenever your air conditioner or your heater turns on, fans blow air through ducts and vents and into your living spaces. Whatever dirt and germs are trapped in your heating and air conditioning system will then get circulated throughout your home. To ensure everyone is breathing the cleanest air possible, have your ducts cleaned periodically, and have HVAC contractors service and clean all your heating and cooling components.

Add Healthy Houseplants

Did you know that certain houseplants can help purify your air? Not only do they add beauty to your home, they can also refresh the air you’re breathing. Some good choices for removing toxins from indoor air and boosting oxygen levels include bamboo palm, peace lilies, English ivy, aloe vera, Boston fern, and spider plants, all of which are pretty hardy and not too hard to take care of.

Use Natural Air Fresheners

As with the house cleaners you use, make sure that if you have any air fresheners inside, they are of the clean and natural variety. Two great examples of home-made, natural air fresheners are a pot of boiling water with citrus slices and cinnamon added in (be sure you turn the stove off once the water has started to boil), and essential oil spritzes using your favorite oils, such as mint or eucalyptus.

How Your Local HVAC Contractors Can Help

At R&R Heating And Cooling, we believe that your indoor climate and temperature levels should help keep you comfortable, healthy, and happy. We can help you achieve the high level of indoor air quality you and your family need for your wellness. Give us a call today to learn how we can help you improve your indoor air quality and indoor air temperatures for a better living experience overall.

We can maintain and service your heating and air conditioning system to ensure everything is working properly, that your rooms are well-ventilated, and that nothing is impeding airflow throughout your home. Located in Southern California, we regularly serve residential and commercial clients in Temecula, Irvine, Anaheim, and many other regions. Reach out to R&R Heating And Cooling today!