It may be winter in Southern California right now, but high temperatures aren’t far away at all. Historically, we have seen highs in the 80s and above in our communities, from the coastal cities to the inland counties. Looking at the end of January in 2018, for example, records show that highs reached the mid-80s in places like Long Beach and Santa Ana. Fullerton saw temperatures rise above 85 degrees. We don’t have to tell you that when temperatures get that high, it gets a little too toasty inside if you don’t have the right air conditioning equipment to keep you and your loved ones cool.

Here are some tips and tricks to stay cool and save energy here in Southern California, whether it’s winter or summer, because our temperatures can swing all over the place any time of year, despite our well-deserved reputation of having a mild climate. We certainly do, especially compared to winters in, say, Buffalo, New York, or Billings, Montana, but even with our mild temperatures, we rely on our cooling systems on those abnormally hot days!

Close Your Windows During The Day

Get your windows closed up early in the morning before you leave for work, because you don’t want to come home to a baking hot house! Keeping windows closed before temperatures rise ensures your air conditioner will do its job satisfactorily for you, without overheating or running up your energy bills higher than they should be.

Open Them Up At Night

Once the sun has gone down and the temperatures have cooled off, you may want to turn off your air conditioner and open your windows to let cool air in. This technique will work for you only if temperatures drop significantly enough, and only if the humidity levels aren’t too high. If you can get a gentle breeze going through your house, you and your loved ones might enjoy the refreshing coolness it can bring! Just remember to close your windows again in the morning well before temperatures soar.

Use Fans As Needed

If temperatures aren’t too high, it’s possible that you don’t even need to turn your air conditioning system on. A ceiling fan or a portable fan can get the air circulating, and this might be sufficient to cool everyone down. Using fans instead of your AC on a hot but not-overly-hot day will keep you cool while saving energy and lowering your electric bill.

Keep Your Vents Clear

You may not realize it, but there may be a plant, a bookcase, or a large piece of furniture blocking a vent, which means you’re not getting the cool air you’re expecting. Instead of lowering your thermostat and cranking up your AC, take a moment to walk around your house and look for all the HVAC vents. Are any of them blocked by your furniture? Have any of them been accidentally left closed? Opening your vents and keeping them clear is much better than making your air conditioner work even harder for you!

Clean Your Ductwork

Another great thing you can do to save energy, save money on utility bills, give your air conditioner a break from running all the time, and maintain a high level of indoor air quality is to get your ducts cleaned. Over time, a great deal of dust, lint, dirt, and lung irritants accumulate in your ducts. Having them cleaned will help keep you and your family cooler while breathing easier and sneezing less!

Add Shade Around Your House

Whether you use awnings, trees, deck covers, or other outdoor features to shade your home, you can really cool down the inside temperatures with this technique. Plus, you beautify your yard, which adds value to your property and more enjoyment for everyone who lives there! Adding shade around your house can significantly cool it down.

Upgrade Your Air Conditioner

If you’re looking into significant air conditioner repairs because your equipment is just not working well enough for you, consider other options. You may be better off doing an AC replacement instead of going with repairs. Particularly if your system is more than 15 years old, you and your family may greatly benefit from a newer high-efficiency HVAC system.

High-efficiency air conditioning systems save money and energy while keeping everyone cooler. As the name implies, these designs are created with energy efficiency in mind, which means that they use less energy while providing the indoor comfort level you seek. In addition to saving you money, a high-efficiency air conditioner can be better for the environment, perform more consistently from one month to the next, and provide superior airflow quality.

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